Children and young people begin the Sunday morning service in the chapel, before leaving to go to their own groups.
The groups cover all age ranges up to school leaving age.
There is fun, craft and games with a Christian message delivered by our enthusiastic Junior Church leaders
Once every other month the children and young people remain in the chapel for our Explore Together' service, which is an All Age Service for all of our Church Family, something for everyone.:-
A Word Zone - for those who like to explore the theme using different versions of the Bible passage
A Colour Zone - for those with a more arty or creative style of learning and expression
A Quite Zone - for those who want to reflect and pray around the theme
A Listening Zone - for those who like to learn an experience the theme through a sermon or reading
A Busy Zone - for those who like hands on learning
A Chat Zone - for those who like to explore ideas by thinking aloud.
It's on opportunity for children and adults to explore a relationship with God.  It allows us to
building friendships, ask questions and enjoy exploring together.