What is Lighthouse?

A Christian holiday club which gets the summer holidays off to a great start. Started in Great Missenden in 1987 and has grown.

What goes on at Lighthouse?

At the start and finish of the day everyone is together for worship, teaching, drama, competitions, etc. In between children have a programme of games, performing arts and craft, plus sessions to explore the day's theme. The 10s and 11s age group have a choice of workshops.

Where and when?

Lighthouse Mansfield takes place on the first full week of the summer holidays, the dates for 2017 are Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August. The location for Lighthouse Mansfield is Queen Elizabeth's Academy, 150 Chesterfield Road South Mansfield Nottingham NG19 7AP.

What are the timings?

5-11's: 10.00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.

Who is in charge of the children?

Lighthouse is run by volunteers.  Children are in year-groups, which are broken down into smaller Lighthouse groups. Each Lighthouse has a Lighthouse Keeper (leader) and Lamplighters (assistants). Specialist teams help with craft, performing arts and games. We take up references for all helpers and police check adults.


Year groups are based on a child's age on 31 August. If you ask in advance, it may be possible for a child to join a younger age group to be with a friend or sibling. Friends arriving together on day 1 have the best chance of being in the same Lighthouse.

What about younger children?

Children aged 4 have a half-day programme on each Lighthouse site. There is also a half-day programme for parents-and-toddlers called "Little Lighthouse". There is no need to pre-book Parents & Toddlers.

Children with special needs

We welcome applications for children with special needs. We have a special facility “The Space” for children who find it difficult to participate in other groups. We will do all we can to accommodate such applications but in order to ensure the appropriate support is in place it is essential that you tell us well in advance if your child has additional help at school or has a statement.

How much does it cost?

Running Lighthouse costs about £50 per child. We do not charge to attend, but rely on your donations. Details of how to give are sent with tickets.

What happens next?

Please complete the application form in full.

Only leaders’ children, grandchildren or leaders’ younger siblings are guaranteed places. After this, places are given on a first come, first served basis. We will write to you in July as soon as we have allocated places.

Contacting us

Please only contact us if it’s essential, (quickest response) or 03303 326 236 (answerphone).