Our History

In 2015 Mansfield Baptist Church celebrated 200 years of Christian witness in the town.    From small beginnings in the home of a frame – knitter, a building was purchased in 1815 with the help of fellow Baptists in Nottingham.  1912 saw the opening of a purpose built church and then town redevelopment in the early 1970’s meant a complete change of site and a new building in 1974.

The church is on the corner of a busy road junction in the town.   

Our immediate neighbours are Mansfield District Council and Tesco Extra!   We have a building which is adaptable in size and which is widely used, both for our own purposes and for other groups who book different areas or rooms.   We have a good sized car park with a service road entry.   We are bordered by various housing areas and are served by several main bus routes.

Other near neighbours are the Quakers (Society of Friends), a Catholic Primary School, a doctor’s surgery, the fire station and the magistrate’s court.  The church has been led by 17 different ministers over its 200 year history, the last two having served for 16 years and 10 years respectively.   Our current minister joined us in October 2017